Extending Outlook to OmniFocus

I recently tried to work with Things instead of OmniFocus, and thus trying the available AppleScripts for Things as well. One major difference between OF & Things is the inability of Things to add file attachments.

The available solutions work around this by finding the message directly inside the Outlook data directory and linking to it. (Note: This will break if you move messages between accounts, e.g. remote & local). This idea together with the fact that my Things-digression didn’t quite work out started a new round of refactoring of the Outlook-to-OmniFocus AppleScript …


  • New: Option to switch between file attachment and direct data-directory link to reduce library size (attachMailToOFTask)
  • New: Option to switch between the way multiple selected messages are handled (e.g. one task with multiple messages vs. one task per message) (multiSelectMultiTask)
  • New: Option to expand note in QuickEntry (expandNotes)
  • New: Option to trim message by number of characters
  • New: Option to trim subject line by keywords (e.g. Re:, Fwd:, …)
  • Changed: Task title now formatted as Sender : Subject

Update 2015-08-19:

  • New: Set attachMailToOFTask to 3 to include outlook:// style links (see OutlookURLHandler)

As said before, most of it relies on the work and all credit goes to Rainer && LuMe96.

Get the script here: Download

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