Integrating Outlook 2015 and OmniFocus

Ever since Microsoft decided to honor the latest changes to the way Mac Apps are built (read: Sandboxing) it’s been painful to integrate it to other apps. For me, the most crucial integration is with OmniFocus for task management. The fact that MS seems to be ditching AppleScript support – at least for new features – and completely removed the scripts menu doesn’t help either.

Yesterday I came across a comment by Brett Terpstra on Rainer Burgstaller’s site (author of one of the best Outlook-to-OmniFocus scripts as well as FocusGTD, a great way to use OF on Android) that described what location needs to be used in order to comply to sandboxing regulations and still be able to save a copy of the message alongside the task in OmniFocus.

All credit for this edit goes to Rainer & Brett, I was just pressing the keys – no brain work involved 🙂 Here’s the script, together with some comments on the original post:

Download Script

I tried firing the script from both FastScripts and BetterTouchTool, both works great and substitutes the Scripts Menu reasonably well.