Connecting to a remote DB2 instance

Preparing the DB2 Client

On Windows

After the initial installation, to be able to connect using the command line, just run:

db2cmd -i -w db2clpsetcp

On Unix

Source the db2profile

. $HOME/sqllib/db2profile

Accessing a Remote Database

To be able to access a remote database you have to catalog the node and the database.

db2 "catalog tcpip node remote remote remotehost server 50000"
db2 "catalog database testdb as remotedb at node remote authentication server"

As an example for our internal DB2 test instance:

db2 "catalog tcpip node usphlesx remote server 50000"
db2 "catalog database sample as cab04smp at node usphlesx"

Once you did that, you can list the open catalogs:

db2 "list node directory"
db2 "list database directory"

To uncatalog the node/database run:

db2 "uncatalog database remotedb"
db2 "uncatalog node remote"
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