Mastering the Mac App Store #1: App doesn’t install

OK, so it skipped the bundle. But why? Alright, diving deeper I had a look at the ‘installd’ process while running the installation:

    # First find the PID
    ps -ef | grep installd
    # Now trace it
    sudo dtruss -p <pid>
    # Now run the installation again

Right, a lot of tracing information. However, 2 files that I was suspicious about:

    open("/var/db/receipts/se.bzero.Vico.plist\0", 0x601, 0x1
         = 5 0
    open("/var/db/receipts/\0", 0x601, 0x1B6)
         = 5 0

Alright, let’s clear them (they were also present in /tmp):

    sudo rm /var/db/receipts/se.bzero.Vico.plist 
    sudo rm /var/db/receipts/
    sudo rm /tmp/se.bzero.Vico.plist 
    sudo rm /tmp/

But not enough, the install still showed the same problem. And even more annoyingly, every installation attempt created the files again … what I had to do was to restart ‘installd’ and the Mac Appstore Management Process ‘storeagent’:

    sudo killall installd storeagent

Now, relaunching the Mac Appstore I could finally install Vico without any further issues …

Given that this was really annoying – it’s also what I love about MacOS. You may have a partly malfunctioning Mac Appstore, an App Developer that may have not payed attention to what files to leave where – but in the end – you get it working. Thanks Apple! And hey – please make the Appstore more of a Mac Experience … soon.